Kim Veltman

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Major reference works by Professor Kim Veltman

Professor Kim Veltman is a member of the International Who’s Who of Professionals. In 1996, he was awarded the International Capire Prize for a Creative Future in the area of science and art integration. In 1998, he received a Learning Partnership Award (Toronto) and a Prix des Initiatives from Université d’été de la Communication (Hourtin). In November 2009, he was awarded a Silver Order: “Service for the Arts”, International Academy of Culture and Art (Moscow). In January 2015, Kim was awarded a World Media and Library Leaders Lifetime Achievement Award by the Satija Research Foundation for Library and Information Sciences (University of Delhi); and for his work as a ‘Thinker, Researcher, Media Expert, Webologist, Linguist, Anthropologist, Science Historian and Art Connoisseur’ and for his ‘Dedication to Knowledge Organisation and Outstanding Scholarship’.

[1] The Alphabets of Life (2014)

[2] Understanding New Media;

Augmented Knowledge and Culture (2006).

[3] Leonardo da Vinci Studies I:

Linear Perspective and the Visual Dimensions

of Science and Art (1986).

[4] Leonardo’s Method (1993).

[5] Frontiers in Conceptual Navigation

for Cultural Heritage (1999).

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